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Ground Game "Azure Dragon" Spats / Leggings

Ground Game "Azure Dragon" Spats / Leggings

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"Azure Dragon" Spats / Leggings - Ground Game

Four Chinese symbols are 6000 years old. Each one of them represents a direction and a season, and each has its own individual characteristics and origins. Symbolically and as part of spiritual and religious belief, they have been culturally important in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. Azure Dragon is one of them.

It symbolizes Spring and East. In most cases dragon represents water, however in this case it's wood. It's perceived as a fearless and mighty creature but at the same time righteous and merciful.

We decided to introduce spats to our offer ever since we realized how comfortable and useful they are, regardless whether to train on the mat, gym or outdoor. They feature a universal cut and thermoactive material that feels like second skin. During NO-GI sparring sessions you get more control while playing the guard and they protect you from skin diseases.

  • Top quality elastic, thermoactive, anti-pilling material
  • Double material layer to make sure nothing is transparent :)
  • Specially designed to feel like second skin
  • Sublimated printings that will last forever
  • Excellent design


S: Height: 165-174cm, weight: up to 70kg
M: Height: 175-180cm, weight: 70 up to 80kg
L: Height: 181-186cm, weight: 80 up to 90kg
XL: Height: 187-195cm, weight: over 90kg



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