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"Konki" Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Ground Game - Rebel Monkeys

Ground Game "Konki" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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"Konki" Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Ground Game

Konki (根気) is a japanese word meaning patience, persistence, tenacity and energy.

Everyone lost a fight either in competition or in training. Everyone knows the feeling when after a tough battle you had to acknowledge your opponent's superiority. For some it can be frustrating and they lose the will to train and never come back to the gym. For others however, defeats are motivating and they want to prove to themselves that they can do better. They fall but they stand back up!

Japanese saying reads "fall down seven times, stand up eight" These words are printed at the back of the rashguard and they are the main theme.

Sleeves depict an epic battle between Samurai and a demon. On one side Samurai lies on the ground defeated by the demon after a hard struggle, on the other side he is presented victorious over the demon dealing the final blow. In this rashguard you will feel the spirit of great warriors, who no matter the circumstances never gave up. Wearing it you will know that you have to stand up and fight! You can fall many time but in the end you will be victorious!


  • Top quality elastic, thermoactive, anti-pilling material
  • Specially designed to feel like second skin
  • Sublimated printings that will last forever
  • Excellent design


S: Height: 164-172cm, weight: up to 70kg
M: Height: 173-181cm, weight: 70 up to 80kg
L: Height: 182-190cm, weight: 80 up to 90kg
XL: Height: 191-199cm, weight: over 90kg

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